At this stage in your studies of business and leadership, what type of leader are you? And how ready are you to lead others?

My view of leadership is probably heavily warped from the sporting world until this module in and beginning my course ib business . After all growing up as a sport fanatic you always hear the word “ leadership ”. Therefore, my whole life I have been witnessing leadership with it’s mostly coming in a sporting sense, especially in football, where you could see the difference between a manager and a leader very explicitly a great example would be comparing Sven Goran Eriksson and Sir Alex Ferguson two people who were both managers yet one was a great leader and the other one was just an average manager but definetly not a leader after all he infamous for the famous quote “ we were expecting Winston Churchill and instead got Iain Duncan Smith” (ESPNFC, 2010).


Therefore, my vision of leadership would be simply summarised in a few words would be Control, Knowledge, Motivation and Communication, as I believe if you have all those four attributes then I can become a brilliant leader. The reason I believe control is important is like Sir Alex Ferguson “It’s not about looking for adversity or for opportunities to prove power; it’s about having control and being authoritative when issues do arise.” (Adams, 2014) As I believe than when you give others the chance to diminish you then that is when you stop being a leader. Knowledge is vital as how can you lead if you people who are following you, if they think you are clueless and therefore you need to be able to have all the information available before you try to make these people want to be led you. Motivation is probably the most and main attribute of a leader as it is impossible to lead employee unless they are motivated which could either be through money, job development, perks, etc., this is further cemented by Daniel Goleman CNN leadership expert “a variety of self-management whereby we mobilize our positive emotions to drive us toward our goals. Motivated leaders are driven to achieve beyond expectations – their own and everyone else’s.” (Goleman, 2014) While my final vision of a great leader is someone who can communicate as people are educated more than previous and have more information available therefore they want to have things explained to them as “It is simply impossible to become a great leader without being a great communicator”. (Myatt, 2012)

The person who has been the most effective leader ever is Sir Alex Ferguson. As after all how can this person a son of a shipbuilder from Glasgow end up managing a team containing people from Ecuador, Brazil, Portugal at the age of 70 to glory and then continual glory each year?

The reasons that I thought he was such an effective leader is that he was very adaptable he did not live in the past, but instead looked at in the future how to win “The goal was to evolve gradually, moving older players out and younger players in” (Adams, 2014). After all expert pundit Alan Hansen famously said “You do not win anything with kids “(BBC Match of The Day, 2014)

Yet Ferguson was the winner as he won the premier league title the same year. However a big attribute that as a business person you can take is that he was obsessed about winning and how that is the only thing that counts after all he said “I’ve never played for a draw in my life” (ShortList, 2013) which was proof when they won the champions league by getting a winner in the 90th minute . As the players believed like him that winning is everything and always possible.

Well, talking to my fellow student over the last couple weeks has given me a valuable lesson in how I can improve and become a better leader. People in my class have said that I am someone who is a very good communicator and am very good at explaining things clearly to them as well as coming up with good plans as well. However, I do not have that much knowledge or experience of the automotive industry so therefore if I want to lead in this industry need to improve that section.

In terms of leadership skills I need to develop one of them would be my communication as while I can write very well orally my written skills are often lacking and in many ways that is what prevented me academically from getting better grades an example is that many of my results are always on the border if I was able to better communicate I would of gotten better marks which would of meant I could of gone to a better university. Therefore, I need to work on my communication skills as well as that I am in a very multi-cultural university with people in my class from diverse nations such as China, Laos and Nigeria therefore it would be very useful if I was able to speak another language which will make me a better leader as I can communicate people in addition all languages apart from English.




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